Delivering tough but hook-laden pop/rock with lyrics that merge the witty and the cynical, the Pittsburgh-based band the Breakup Society pick up where leader Ed Masley’s former band, the Frampton Brothers left off…literally.

The Breakup Society’s story began when vocalist, rhythm guitarist, and songwriter Masley, lead guitarist Sean Lally, and bassist Ray Vasko headed to Mesa, AZ, to record a Frampton Brothers album with producer and percussionist Bob Hoag, who had formerly played drums with the group during his days in Pittsburgh. Tensions rose between the members of the band during recording, and shortly after completing the basic tracks, the band returned home before final overdubs could be added, leaving the album in limbo.

Vasko quit shortly after returning to Pittsburgh, and the Frampton Brothers held together for another year before Lally finally parted ways with Masley. Masley responded by going back to Arizona and completing the album with help from multi-instrumentalist Hoag. Masley and Hoag opted to release the album under the name the Breakup Society, and once back in Pittsburgh, Masley assembled a new band in order to play the songs from what became the Breakup Society’s debut, James at 35, which arrived in stores in February of 2004.

The band has gone on to release two more well-received full-length albums through Get Hip Recordings: 2007’s Nobody Likes a Winner and 2012’s So Much Unhappiness, So Little Time. ~ Mark Deming, etc.

Ed Masley Vocals/Guitar
Jason McGraw Guitar
Chris Adams Bass
Nick Pasco Drums
Joe Golfen Keys

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