The Ugly Beats

The Ugly Beats have been making a glorious, 60s garage-fueled racket for 11 years in their hometown of Austin, Texas and throughout the U.S., Mexico, Canada and Spain.  The band wound the clock all the way back to 1966 before striking their first note in 2003 and has left it there ever since.  A force to be reckoned with live, they have also released three terrific records on Get Hip Recordings: Bring on the Beats, Take a Stand with the Ugly Beats and MOTOR!  Their new record Brand New Day will also be out on Get Hip in June 2014.  You MUST obey the Beats!

Joe Emery Guitar/Vocals
Daniel Wilcox Guitar/Vocals
Jason Gentry Bass/Vocals
Jeanine Attaway Organ/Vocals
Bobby Trimble Drums/Vocals


Singles & EPs

  • Bee Line / Maximum Bumble 7″ (2011) – Hillsdale Records
  • Throw Me a Line / Sombras 7″ (2011) – Hey Girl! Records
  • Can’t Cut Through / Options by the Pound 7″ – Get Hip Recordings (More Info | Buy Now)


  • Shakin’ in My Boots – Licorice Tree Records

Live Videos

The Ugly Beats performing “I’ll Make You Happy” at Carousel Lounge in Austin, TX (12/15/12)

SXSW 2011 Performance Video for “Trouble’s Over” from Bring on the Beats! (2004)


Brand New Day (2014)

“Includes chiming/jangling guitars…plaintive, heart-on-sleeve vocals, conciseness, and yearningly pretty, insidiously catchy melodies” (4/5 Stars)
Mark Keresman, Esq. | ICON

“A set of uptempo garagey pop-rock thumpers and recall the moves and turns the Cynics made when they were still new on the block”
Lenny Helsing | Shindig! Magazine

“Packed with punchy, all-American pop-rock anthems”
Brett Callwood | Detroit Metro Times 

“Expertly blends [The Ugly Beats’] love of ‘60s rock ‘n’ roll with more current power pop and punk elements. It’s 35 minutes without a bum note”
Austin American-Statesman

Review of Motor! (2010) by The Austin Chronicle
“In both aesthetic and sound, the Ugly Beats have always kept it real. The whole 1960s revamp has gone limp in lesser hands, but on its third LP, the local quintet reasserts that, in the right hands, such sounds remain timeless.”  (Full article)

Review of Motor! (2010) by The Big Takeover
“The Austin quintet hasn’t expanded the boundaries of its jangle-heavy garage pop sound, but it has sharpened its songwriting skills considerably. The pop-rocking ‘Harm’s Way,’ ‘All Comes Back,’ and ‘Things I Need to Know’ boast terrific melodies and thoughtful lyrics, while ‘See’ and the lovely ‘World Has a Ways to Go’ spotlight the band’s folk rocking ballad side to wonderful effect.”  (Full article)

Review of Take a Stand (2007) by PopMatters
“The Ugly Beats can attest that Austin, Texas isn’t just for forward-thinking indie rockers anymore. With their second release, the band proves the town, has room enough to accommodate the carefree, buoyant feeling of British Invasion-era garage rock.”  (Full article)

Interviews / Features

Interview: SXSW 2010 by Spinner
“We’re as much fans as we are musicians. If we get going in a set and we have time we will start throwing out covers one after another. We have actually got to share the stage with some of our biggest influences from the ’60s. Chris Gerniottis from the Zakary Thaks, Cyril Jordan of the Flamin’ Groovies, and ’70s power pop legend Paul Collins. ” (Full article)


Ugly Beats Brand New Day
“Top 88”
#9 (July 29,2014)
WMBR 88.1 FM (MIT)