BioNewsDiscographyOn TourPhotos / VideosPressBio The year 2015, the place Asturias, North of Spain. Two boss chicks and a cool cat mad about Sixties American Teen Beat, get together to blast out their favorite obscurities and new authentic styled originals BOBKAT'65 is born! Taking the feel of the wildest '60s Punk and the Moodiest of Minor [...] Continue Reading

    BioNewsDiscographyOn TourPhotos / VideosPressBio "Forsythe has mined his own history to forge a unique Northern Honky Tonk Mythos."  - Aaron Jentzen, PGH City Paper (June 17, 2009) Slim Forsythe hails from the Northern Tier Counties of the Great Keystone State of Pennsylvania. For 12 years he's been performing Classic Country Western, Mountain Gospel, Bluegrass and Rockabilly music with [...] Continue Reading

    BioNewsDiscographyOn TourPhotos / VideosPressBio Viv & The Sect formed in Mexico City in 2012 with a basic lineup of guitar, drums, and vocals. Before long, the trio of Aleph Aguilar, Rho Moran, and Israel Lopez recorded their first original song, “So Excited.” With strong ‘60s R&B and Garage influences, it landed a spot on the [...] Continue Reading

    BioNewsDiscographyOn tourPhotos / VideosPressBio The concept for the Nox Boys was born when veteran slide guitarist Bob Powers met with singer/guitarist Zack Keim at an open mic in Blawnox, PA, a small factory town set alongside the Allegheny River. Powers had been performing as a sideman for the late Pittsburgh guitar legend Warren King’s last [...] Continue Reading

    BioNewsDiscographyOn tourPhotos / VideosPressBio Formed in 1983 by Get Hip Recordings owner Gregg Kostelich, The CYNICS are a Garage-Punk institution. Guitarist/producer/record company head Gregg Kostelich is the frenetic force behind THE CYNICS. He managed to keep the band afloat in the wake of constant personnel changes, he recorded some of the finest garage tracks ever, [...] Continue Reading

    BioNewsDiscographyOn tourPhotos / VideosPressBio Emerging from the swampy depths of the Louisiana bayou, Bipolaroid plays delta psychedelic music influenced by the likes of Dr. John the Night Tripper, Syd Barrett/Pink Floyd and the 13th Floor Elevators. Delivering odes to time machines, looking glasses, and vampires, the band’s style eclipses both space rockers and more orchestrated [...] Continue Reading