What’s new from Soulville? Is Soulville back? What ever happened to Soulville? These are questions that have been asked. Thee Reverend Bobby Fulton, the original founder of Soulville says that Soulville never went away and soul music is still alive at Soulville. This CD/Vinyl album compilation features a Soulville Allstars revue. With an office now in Pittsburgh, Soulville is being manufactured, marketed and distributed by Get Hip Archive Series.

Started in September 1967 by Bobby Fulton, Toby Young, Jimmy Walker and Hulie Diggs, Soulville Records was conceived to fill the void for a gospel/soul record label in the Harrisburg and central Pennsylvania area. The label’s first release was “Nobody To Blame”/“Nothing Matters” by the Soulville All Stars, a young racially mixed Harrisburg eight-piece band. Though this 45 didn’t garner much attention, their second did: “Be My Girl”/“I’m Gonna Get You” was very well-received. Jay-Walking was started as another attempt to get more radio airplay. Like many labels, Soulville found that DJs wouldn’t play every release by a specific label. It was named to honor Jimmy Walker who ironically would dissolve his partnership soon after. Toby Young also faded in the background afterwards leaving Bobby Fulton as the main man. The departure was amicable and they all remained friends. Fulton kept the rights to Soulville and Rob-Cole Music. In fact, Fulton would serve as road manager/organist for labels biggest success, the Continental Four. Bobby Fulton was also one a vocalist for the soul group the Emperors, who cut a one hit dance number called “Karate,” still popular in soul, dance and DJ circles! Although none of the other acts had national success, each and every cut reveals outstanding quality, ranging from soulful ballads to tuff funk to Motown-styled pop. In 1972, Bobby Fulton moved to Pittsburgh to become director of operations for Black Circle Records. Although Soulville will not release another recording, for Bobby Fulton the label has always been alive. He still listens to the Soulville/Jaywalking recordings all the time and he is really pleased to finally share his exciting story and have the chance to revive the label. Soulville and the dream is still alive!

*This retrospective release includes a huge full color booklet with extensive liner notes and cool photos, etc. Vinyl release contains double LP gatefold jacket!

Track Listing:

  1. The Soulville All-Stars – Won’t You Please Be My Girl
  2. Donald Lee Richardson – I’ve Learned My Lesson
  3. Beverly Hills – I Don’t Care Anymore
  4. The Continental Four – The Way I Love You
  5. Ray Gant & the Arabian Knights – Chattanooga Walk
  6. Bobby Fulton – It’s Good To Be Lonely Sometimes
  7. Millie McLaine – Caught Up
  8. Lynn Martini & the Jolly Jax– Now
  9. Hank Sample – So In Love With You
  10. The Masterman – Why Do You Treat Me So Bad
  11. Watson & the Sherlocks – Standing On The Corner
  12. Donald Lee & the Executives – Bring Your Love Here
  13. Ray Gant & the Arabian Knights  – Don’t Leave Me Baby
  14. The Soulville All-Stars – I’m Gonna Get To You
  15. Bobby Fulton – It’s All Over
  16. Hank Sample  – You’re Being Unfair To Me
  17. Donald Lee Richardson – You Got Me In The Palm Of Your Hand
  18. Watson & the Sherlocks – Funky Walk
  19. Ray Gant & the Arabian Knights – I Need A True Love
  20. Wee Willie Mason – Funky Funky (Hot Pants)
  21. The Mastermen – Brighter Day
  22. The Sensational Cymbals – When Will It End
  23. The Manigault Specials – Be What You Are
  24. Cha Cha Hogan – Grit Gitter
  25. Wee Willie Mason – There She Blows